Hilarious Print Ads

The printed format, whether it is for magazines, newspapers or billboards, sets specific challenges for ad designers. An idea or message must be communicated simply and swiftly, it must be eye-catching enough to grab the viewer’s attention and convey the important information in an instant. When a print designer employs humour to carry this information, the result can be become a visual ‘one-liner’, a joke that speaks the message the ad intends. This post brings together 30 hilarious print ads that combine great imagery with cracking comedy.
  • Bose Noise reduction Headphones: Waterfall

  • Belgian Association for Obese Patients: Encourage Your Children to do More Sport

  • Glassex Window Cleaner: Magician

  • Nissan: Chickens
  • 3M Scotch Magic Tape: Overload

  • DynaKids Vitamins: Making Kids Stronger

  • Pringles Hot and Spicy: Balloon

  • Maglite: Gallary